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Do you need an Editor or a Writer?

Posted by Mary on August 15, 2012 at 2:15 PM

I have worked on several projects where I was asked to write a certain article or letter. The client had a specific idea on what I was to write and gave me those notes pertaining to those ideas. I wrote the article and submitted it to the client. Instead of being satisfied, the client rewrote half of my document, and to top it off, in what I considered bad grammar. The client was mad because I did not deliver what was their pre-conceived notion of what the document should be. I was mad because the client had altered and desecrated an article that I had perfected. It was my baby and someone else was dressing it in clothes I felt looked horrible!


Needless to say, neither one of us were happy. How could this have been avoided? Here are some pointers to see if you need an editor or a writer. Editing is generally cheaper than writing, so safe yourself some grief and money and choose the right service.


You need a writer if:

You have an idea of what to write, but are open to the particular style of the writer.

You have general ideas of what to write, but no specific ideas

You are willing to communicate fully with the writer as to your goals and aims for a particular document.

You need an editor if:

You have an existing document, AND

You have bad spelling, punctuation or grammar

You know what to write, but are not sure it sounds right.

You need ideas of whether your writing is conveying the proper message

You need to reach a target audience and want to change a basic letter to address that segment.

You need someone to take a second look. The editor can do light proofreading for spelling, punctuation or grammar, or give you more in-depth comments.

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