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Posted by Mary on July 21, 2014 at 3:35 PM

Watermelon –A Descriptive Story OR

What did you do all day?

Summer has arrived, and along with it a great variety of fruits and vegetables on the grocer’s shelves. Today, I stopped by my Aldi store and saw giant watermelons on sale for $2.99. What a great deal I thought! Just think of all the succulent, juicy watermelon I will have for less than $3.00.

I normally do not buy watermelons, I should add, because the rind seems to feel up half of my garbage can. Since I pay by the container, this extra loss of space must be taken into consideration. I also don’t buy watermelons very often because I am a bit lazy in the kitchen. Cutting and chopping a huge watermelon is usually low on my list of priorities.

However, I gave in to the moment and lugged the exceedingly heavy watermelon into my cart, paid for it, and put it in my trunk, along with other groceries. When I got home and opened the trunk, I realized I had plunked the ten-pound (an estimate) watermelon on top of a loaf of bread. Since it was a beautiful day, I did not let a smushed bread loaf impede my happiness. Besides, the loaf would probably slowly inflate itself back within a day.

I brought the watermelon in, put in on the counter, and then wondered what to do with it--leave it on the counter, cut it up, or put it in the refrigerator, which would surely involve moving and redistributing all the other items within?

I decided to cut it up. That was much easier to write than the actual procedure. I stuck the knife into the watermelon, and it seemed like ages before the blade reached the other side of the gargantuan fruit. Luckily, I did not stab myself in the process. Water squirted out all over, and I was finally able to get out on slice. Success! However, more than three-quarters of the melon remained. I carefully cut away the rind, and chopped the fruit into bite-sized pieces. I searched for bowls and containers for to house the endless supply of watermelon. I placed the rind in a bigger bowl, and decided to put all this in a newly created compost pile outside instead of in the garbage can.

I continued to cut and cut. I ran out of bowls and containers. Water seeped all over the counter, and I truly wished I had not decided to undertake this project. However, my better reasoning took over, and gave me the strength to finish my project. After all, if I did not finish, I would have to cut up the remaining watermelon at some time in the future – an even less appealing thought.

I finally completed the task at hand, and the watermelon project was done. It only took about an hour, and in the great scheme of things – what is one hour? Besides, I had many tasty bites of the melon, while I was doing my task, so it was not so bad. Now my bottom shelf of the refrigerator is filled with containers and bowls of the juicy red fruit. I will be eating watermelon for snacks and seeking out watermelon recipes for the next few days.

All in all, it was worth it, and the taste of juicy, ripe watermelon far outweighs the mess and work. Mmmm….

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